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Why Coffee Soda Is the Next Big Wedding Trend

Move over, cocktail hour. Coffee is slowly taking the wedding world by storm. For brew lovers and connoisseurs, the idea of showcasing barista-style treats at the reception is a dream come true. And coffee soda just might be the new star of the show.

For the ultimate caffeinated treat—a flash-chilled, carbonated and slightly citrus-sweetened coffee soda—enter Matchless. Created and recently fully Kickstarter-funded for production in Nashville, TN, Matchless Coffee Soda is now available for online purchase within the United States. And you can bet it'll be a year-round hit at weddings.

Back in his early barista days, Creator Nathanael Mehrens wanted to see just how far he could push iced coffee to create a more refreshing beverage. After several iterations and years of research and development, Matchless became the best-kept secret in Nashville. Now, they distribute their cans across the country.

Aside from Matchless, Nathanael and co-founder Jamie Cunningham have been known to run a killer coffee bar at wedding receptions. If you're in the greater Nashville area and are interested in booking them, give them a shout. For the rest of our brides and grooms, check out their site, and enjoy this killer (and absolutely delicious) recipe that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Wolfbrother Cocktail Recipe (with Matchless Coffee Soda)

  • 25ml Ferro-Kina

  • 25ml C3 Carciofo

  • 250ml Matchless Coffee Soda

  1. Fill a Collins glass with ice and Matchless Coffee Soda.

  2. Add Ferro-Kina and Carciofo amari and stir to combine.

  3. Garnish with a lemon ribbon.

“The great thing about this cocktail and Matchless in general is that it works beautifully with most amaro. If you don't have any Don Ciccio handy, try Ramazzotti or China China.” - Nathanael Mehrens


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