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Real Ceremonies: Mansi and Sushil

We love a good reconnection story, and Mansi and Sushil's chance reencounter is one of the best. The two first met as students at The University of Pennsylvania in 2010, but were reintroduced four years later in San Francisco. And that's when sparks flew.

After their first real date, Mansi and Sushil knew there was something special between them, and within the next year, they moved from dates, to summiting Mount Kilimanjaro together, to becoming engaged. The engagement—near a Central Park bench dedicated to the groom's grandparents—drew a curious and celebratory crowd when the two each got down on their knees and proposed to one another.

Fast-forward to 2017. Mansi and Sushil combined a traditional three-day Indian wedding with some modern twists, including themes of gender equality (both the bride and groom were given a grand entrance on a pedicab), a ceremony inside a beautiful, loft-esque New York City townhouse, and Bollywood dance lessons for guests. The couple made their own centerpieces (wine bottles featuring photos of them with family and friends), created a crossword puzzle about themselves for guests to fill out, and had friends make the desserts. This celebration was all about unity—not just the unity between Mansi and Sushil, but between their support systems, who ended up honoring the bride and groom until 4AM!

We wanted each guest to walk away feeling like they got to know us better. - Mansi We can't get enough of the bright colors, the subtle personal touches, and the overall joy exuded by the couple and their guests. The best wedding inspiration starts with genuine love, and you'll see it in every photo.

"Ceremony is a great way to get everyone involved. It builds a tight community around the wedding."

– Mansi

Take a peek at some of our favorite snaps from Mansi and Sushil's wedding below:

Mansi and Sushil, yours was a ceremony to remember! We hope that every blissful moment from your fabulous wedding weekend seeps into even more blissful years ahead.

Are you one of the thousands of people using Ceremony at a wedding or special event? Shoot us a note at and maybe we’ll feature you next!

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