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Wedding Thank You Note Tips

You have to write them. You know you do. Here are a few tips to set yourself up for success and a foolproof cheat sheet to help you knock out each wedding thank you card in under two minutes.

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5 Wedding Thank You Note Tips

1. Buy ONE gift log.

Staying organized is key, so whether your maid of honor is jotting down details at a shower, or you're recording gifts as they arrive at your home, you need one place to check off thank you notes. Check out this personalized book from Little Carabao Studio.

2. Start early.

3. Split the work and make it fun.

Two of you are getting married, so two of you should share the thank you note load. A "thank you note" date night might sound lame, but not if you get creative. Reach 25% of your goal and earn a glass of wine. 50% = another glass of wine. And whoever reaches 100% first gets to pick the movie.

4. Invest in a return address stamp.

Unless you have pre-printed envelopes, we recommend investing in a return address stamp. You could do labels or stickers, but the stamp slightly helps save the planet, and you can rotate ink colors. We love these options from 904 Custom.

5. Don't write a novel. Do make it personal.

You can't exactly get away with a fill-in-the-blank thank you card, but you can use a formula to knock out each card in under two minutes. Here's our step-by-step cheat sheet:

  1. Dear Name,

  2. Thank you for the gift name.

  3. This is why we love it and/or how we will use it.

  4. Recall when you saw the gift giver and/or when you look forward to seeing them again.

  5. Closing,


  1. Dear Jim,

  2. Thank you so much for the espresso maker.

  3. We can't wait to use it and would love to have you over for a cup sometime.

  4. It was wonderful to see you at the shower and we look forward to celebrating with you at the wedding!

  5. Cheers, Alice and Jamie

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