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Online Galleries Are Live!

Ceremony’s new online galleries are here! Online galleries bring every photo and video gathered in your Ceremony app to your computer and tablet. Whether it's your wedding, a bachelorette weekend, a birthday party, or a reunion, take advantage of everything these galleries have to offer—on-demand prints, slideshows, downloads and more.

Here’s a list of EVERYTHING included in your gallery.

Access From Anywhere

In a world where we do everything on our phones, laptops and desktops still have their place. Now you can access your Ceremony gallery from the app or our website!

To access from, click the Find My Event button in the top right corner of the site, and enter your Event Code. Your gallery will populate in your browser just like it does in the app.

Quality On-Demand Prints

Whether you just want a few professional prints, a custom case for your phone, or framed photos for a gallery wall, you can order what you need directly from the app or website.

Create A Slideshow

Share the love with your guests by treating them to a slideshow. Taken directly from images uploaded to your event gallery, keep a slideshow going at the reception, play it again at an anniversary party, or just enjoy it yourself whenever you get nostalgic for the best day ever.

Upload Via Digital Camera

We've got your digital camera users covered, too. Whether it's a professional photographer or Uncle Ned, now they can upload those shots directly to your event gallery. When we say "never miss a moment", we mean every moment.

If you have any questions about our new online galleries, slideshows, or print capabilities, shoot us a note at We're here to help!

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