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Top 3 Fall Groomsmen Fashion Trends

*Guest blogger Katie Gloede, owner and creator of Tiebreaker Bow Ties, shares the top Fall and Winter trends for groomsmen wear, plus some great ideas on how to match trends to your personal taste and make them your own.

This fall, groom and groomsmen style revolves around rich colors, bold patterns, and lush textures.

Rich Jewel-tone Suits

Photo 1: Angelea Photo; Suit: Street Tuxedo; Accessories: Tiebreaker Bow Ties

Colored suits have long been a fall wedding feature for the groom. This season, colored suits are taking the trend a step further with rich, saturated jewel-tone hues. Teal, ink blue, burgundy, and emerald suits make a bold statement while complementing fall and winter wedding color palettes.

Bold Plaid & Checkered Suits

Photo and Suits: A.K. Rikk's

Plaid suits in bold, contrasting color palettes are in this season. If you’re not ready to make such a daring statement, look for plaids with fainter, thinner lines, or plaids in a neutral color palette.

Lush Fabrics & Textures

Photo 1: A Sea of Love; Suit: ASOS and Topman

Classic fabrics like velvet and tweed are making a comeback in modern suit silhouettes. Solid-color velvet adds a sense of luxury while tweed recalls a classic, rustic style. Both fabrics add texture and visual interest without becoming distracting. Modern, slimmer cut suit styles keep these lush fabrics from becoming too heavy or "old". And 3-piece suits (traditional and timeless) are another way to create layers of texture.

Make It Yours

Whether you’re planning on going bold or sticking with a more classic style, be sure your suit and accessories reflect your personality and style. Accessories that draw on these trends, like a velvet bow tie, can add a modern twist to a classic suit. Conversely, balance bold, trendy suits with classic accessories in neutral tones.

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