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Easy + Cheap DIY Pumpkin Table Numbers

Throwing a Fall party (or wedding!) and need to spice up your tables without breaking the bank? We've got the perfect DIY. Climb on board the white pumpkin trend with these quick, easy, and cheap (5 for $15!) pumpkin table numbers.

Here's how much you'll spend:

  • 5 decorated pumpkins for $15!

  • Or less...if you have a few things on hand.

Here's what you'll need:

  • White pumpkins ($10; that's three small and two larger pumpkins from a local patch)

  • Gold Thumbtacks ($2; packet of 100)

  • Gold Spraypaint ($3 sale price, or get a small bottle of gold leaf paint at the same price)

Here's how to do it:

1. Spray (or paint) the pumpkin stem.

We recommend covering the actual pumpkin with kraft paper (or something comparable; just not newspaper...the ink rubs off!) to avoid spraying the whole pumpkin. But a little spillover at the top is just fine.

2. Lightly outline or trace the number with a pencil.

3. Grab your thumbtacks and stick them in place.

And, voilà! These pumpkins look great by themselves, but we also love pairing them with different types of greenery (in this shot: Parvi and Seeded Eucalyptus) and smaller gold accent pieces. Either way, you'll brighten up your fall soirée, and hear a lot of "where did you get those?!"

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