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Best Bridesmaids Gifts: Hurricane Relief Jewelry

The past month has been a rough one for the Southeastern United States and surrounding island nations. While the world keeps turning with day-to-day purchases, wedding planning, etc., we wanted to find a way for our brides to put their budgets to good use.

Have you bought your bridesmaid gifts yet? If not, consider purchasing from a vendor who's fortunate enough to donate 100% of the proceeds to Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief funds. Here are a few ideas (and price points) to get you started.

FASHIONABLE, a brand whose products are made by women in extreme areas of poverty, partnered with StyleBlueprint to create an exclusive "Be Kind Do Good" necklace. The simple but elegant gold bar design goes with everything and works for every personality. Who doesn't need that kind of attitude reminder? 100% of proceeds go to Hurricane Harvey relief.

Have a big heart but a small budget? No problem. These wish bracelets from Twisted Unicorn are the perfect layering accessory with a purpose. For just $4, get several in your wedding colors, or maybe each bridesmaid's power color. 100% goes to Harvey and Irma victim support.

Stella & Dot just partnered with The American Red Cross to create an online pop-up shop funneling all proceeds to Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief. We love this rose gold cuff—dainty, on-trend, and a great way to honor your bridal party.

These beautiful stone and wrapped wire earrings are affordable and directly help the maker collect donations for Hurricane Irma. Etsy seller Pamela White is personally traveling to Florida to help with hurricane relief efforts. All proceeds from her grab bag earrings (made with the stone of your choice) will go toward supplies and materials for the victims.

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