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Real Ceremonies: Dawn and Doreen

It all goes back to their first purchase as a couple—a boat. Dawn and Doreen, both nurses, met at work in the spring of 2015. Not long after, they bought a vessel and named it FAMtastic to signify the importance of their children and family. That's what their 2016 wedding was all about—their children, their family, and their commitment to remaining anchored in love.

From the colors to the cake to the setting in the port town of Tom's River, New Jersey, guests experienced a nautical fête with all the trimmings. Everything was (almost) perfect—Dawn and Doreen nearly forgot about those butterflies they planned to release. Fortunately, they remembered at the last second and all the butterflies—except one—flew away on cue.

If we had to pinpoint a sub-theme for this wedding, we'd choose pure joy. Flip through some of our favorite moments, and you'll see what we mean.

Dawn and Doreen, we hope all the joy you shared at your wedding lasts a lifetime, and that you're forever anchored in what matters. Thanks for letting us share your special day!

Are you one of the thousands of people using Ceremony at a wedding or special event? Shoot us a note at and maybe we’ll feature you next!

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