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The Etsy Gift Couple Guide for Couples

Maybe you bought something on the registry for your favorite couple when they got hitched, but here we are in the midst of the holidays—is there anything better than a bottle of wine or a gift card?

Not many things, we'll give you that.

But personalized, handmade gifts from Etsy that keep the love flowing from the big day can't be topped. Plus, you're helping out an independent artisan. All the feels.

So, without further adieu, here are our top Etsy (handmade!) gifts for couples.

Handcrafted Affairs Wire Ornaments ($12)

Christine Marie B Custom Stamps ($27+)

Eviva! Custom Map Prints ($30)

Not Just A Print Store Record Prints ($16.70)

Hello Am Wedding Illustrations ($45)

Jando Design Soundwaves Prints ($27)

Dolce Home Engraved Cutting Boards ($37)

RSVP Handcrafted Coasters ($40)

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