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5 Floral Designers You Should Follow on Instagram

Ah, the flowers. From bouquets and boutonnieres, to centerpieces and garlands, to aisle petals and chair adornments, your wedding flowers take theme and meaning and atmosphere to a whole new level. They're often the first thing guests notice and one of most photographed components of the entire event.

But choosing exactly which stems you want to include can be extremely time-consuming, stressful, and downright difficult. Seasons, budgets, venue, and setup all have to be considered. But never fear. That's where these five amazing floral designers can lend a hand. Their Instagram pages are full of timely arrangements, advice on affordable options, and new, brilliant compositions that will leave you inspired and excited about your big day.

Check out their favorite collections below, plus some tips on what helps them connect with, serve, and fulfill their clients' visions.

Here are our top five recommendations:

"I accumulate the ideas and desires of my clients' wedding inspirations to help with specific floral designs for their wedding day. We then can look at design ideas and flowers that can be used for the floral arrangements so they can feel comfortable and content with my floral creations. There is satisfaction in seeing my clients' dreams blend with my creativity to make their big day beautiful!" - Abigail

"The beautiful central California coast that Twigs Floral Design serves has many destination weddings with a lot of couples planning their wedding long distance. Thank goodness for technology! Using a collage app, I can put together a design board of available flowers and containers/rental items that will complement the couple’s wedding style. Having visuals really helps my clients understand the design process. As for trusting me, I really make an effort to get to know my clients and to keep communication open." - Monica

“I find inspiration in nature all around me as my work tends to change with the seasons. I am lucky that most of my clients share the same passion for seasonally grown produce including their wedding flowers, with a more naturally arranged feel. Based on a color palette rather than an exact list of requested ingredients, we achieve uniquely beautiful creations for each and every wedding.” - Bea

"I grew up on a farm and am committed to locally sourcing product whenever possible. I love introducing couples to the amazing local bounty our area has to offer. It's fun to show people what's available in the changing seasons. Many times, couples discover new favorites they didn't know existed.

Everything I do is as unique as the couples I work with. I take the time to listen to their vision, likes and dislikes, and then offer my opinions. We meet at a place of understanding and trust." - Natalie

"I get inspired by the bride's and groom’s personalities—from what they like and dislike, to the style of their venue, to the bride’s dress and bridal party color scheme. From there, I can envision their customized design and how we will translate who they are into our work. During our wedding consultations in the enchanting world of our boutique, I will draw sketches supported by images of our previous work, and I will show sample vessels with current seasonal floral products to help them visualize our future creation." - Marie-Laure

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