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5 Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram

If you're looking for legit wedding inspiration, melt into the palettes of a wedding photographer's Instagram page. Plus, you might just find the perfect one for your big day.

Marit Kuusk

While the Ceremony app curates priceless amateur snaps from guests, we'll never discount the importance of a professional eye—in fact, we encourage couples to use both perspectives in tandem to preserve the best memories. These five photographers' methods of capturing the perfect moment between couples and bridal parties caught our attention. Here are some of their favorite shots plus insights into how they work their behind-the-camera magic.

"I studied a photography approach called 'Beloved' years ago. The whole idea is that couples will feel more comfortable with prompts and movement rather than precise posing. I'll have them walk together, or I'll ask them to answer a question that might make them both laugh or to take a quiet, reflective moment together. Even couples who swear that they're awkward and not photogenic will usually come away really excited by the experience because the prompts take the pressure away and let them be who they really are."

"Sometimes I feel like I am more psychologist than I am a photographer. Every single person is unique, and the key to good pictures is finding a way to communicate to those specific persons in front of the camera at that very moment. The main goal is to get their attention away from me to each other. When they start to communicate to each other, magic happens! What always works well is asking them to whisper what they love about each other into the ear. Any assignment that makes them act natural. Sometimes I make myself invisible. I go somewhere far off so they forget that I'm still taking photos."

"I totally believe in the subject/photographer connection to rely on letting individuals or couples show their personalities through photos. I can understand how awkward this feels (trust me), especially when I get in front of a camera myself. I rely on ice breakers and conversation to help guide the shoot organically. I’ll always give the couple direction or help to make posing flow more naturally to them, but more importantly, to show and tell someone’s story.”

"I try to make it easy with simple poses—making [couples] look at each other awkwardly leads to big laughs, funny faces and huge smiles—and mostly just let them be themselves. It also helps to do an engagement session with ahead of time so we connect and they get a chance to see how I work. Most of the time, guys especially, will say that the session was not only easy, but they had a great time together. That's my goal!"

"I get to know my couples before their wedding day by doing an engagement session with them or having a meeting before their big day. We get to talk and hangout, take fun photos in a very relaxed setting. From that session, I can tell how the couple interacts with one another and they get very comfortable in front of the camera with me. I also don’t make couples do weird poses or anything like that- we keep it fun, casual and real which lends to honest portraits. As far as they rest of the day, I photograph a couple’s wedding day in a documentary style, telling the story of their day visually as it unfolds."

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