Organize Your Wedding with Aisle Planner

This year, we're excited to be a featured vendor with Wedding Salon. If you're not familiar with this amazing showcase, check out a list of their upcoming events (the next one is in Los Angeles on March 13th!).

One of the greatest benefits to being a vendor is meeting fellow industry entrepreneurs, whose amazing products are changing the way weddings happen every day across the globe. One of our favorites is Aisle Planner. Whether you're a bride, groom, or planning professional, this digital platform has everything you need to brainstorm, organize, communicate, and execute the perfect big day.

Tayler Cusick-Hollman, media and marketing director for Aisle Planner, sheds some light on what exactly Aisle Planner brings to the table and some killer new features you won't want to miss.

In a nutshell, what is Aisle Planner? What are the differences between what it provides to couples and planners?

Aisle Planner is a suite of wedding/event planning and business tools. We have everything you need to plan and manage all of the details of a wedding or event: customizable checklists, timelines, budget sheets, guest lists, seating charts, style guides, color palettes, wedding websites, lead management, proposals and contracts—to name a few! And, unlike a lot of the other options out there, they were designed by a team of wedding industry professionals.

We are a passionate and dedicated team of planners and creatives who set out to build the tools that we wish we had back in the day. Though our focus is on the professional wedding industry, we do have tools for both pros and couples. While everyone has access to the full suite of wedding planning tools, the professionals get the full suite of business tools as well.

Is Aisle Planner a completely digital, mobile-friendly Product?

Yes, Aisle Planner is completely digital and mobile-friendly! And, because it is cloud-based, you can access your account from anywhere and from any device.

Your company is a start-up but is led by people with 15+ years of experience in the wedding industry. How has it evolved?

Aisle Planner is just a couple years old and, yes, we are still in hardcore start-up mode. This is thrilling and challenging all at the same time (which I am sure you can relate to!). But, the fact that our Founder, Christina Farrow, has 15+ years experience as a wedding planner and that we are a team of industry professionals really helps us stay focused and on track.

In the last six months, we have released some powerful (and highly requested) new features! So, the company and the product are constantly evolving. We are really excited for the features that are next up and for what the future holds for us!

What are some of the most popular features for both user groups, and what do you hope to add this year?

Internally, we all have this major crush on the Checklist. Since it is fully customizable, you can create templates that are really yours. We (and our customers) create Checklists that are borderline obnoxious with details about the planning process as well as things that need to happen internally for the business.

The couples on Aisle Planner really love our Design Studio and Inspiration Gallery, since they can find and organize inspiration for their wedding all in one place. But, they also love our Simple Seating, Budget Manager, and Wedding Websites!

We kicked off this year adding Proposals and Contracts with e-Signatures and Wedding Websites, and have Invoicing and Payments up next. After that, we’ve got some big plans to connect couples with the professionals in their areas—stay tuned!

Do couples have access to real in-house planners if they need guidance with inspiration boards, tech support, etc.?

We always work to feature the talent and creativity of our professional wedding planners! We feature a pro every month on our blog and rotate through featuring a handful on our homepage as well, but we are working to create a way for couples to easily connect with the pros in their area. For now, trolling our blog and Instagram feeds is a good place to start!

How do planners use Aisle Planner to better connect with the couples they serve and the vendors they use?

Our tools have robust collaboration tools built right in so that planners and their clients can easily communicate with each other without having to jump in and out of emails, texts, or phone calls! Being able to comment right on images or tasks keeps everything super organized as well. (Bonus: these collaboration tools are included in the tools for couples as well. So, no one misses out!)

But, to take a half step back, both planners and couples have the ability to add Planning Partners to their wedding or event. And when someone gets added to a wedding, they will get notifications about any completed tasks or comments. So, oftentimes planners will add any vendors who are really involved so that they can collaborate on things like timelines or style guides right in Aisle Planner. Our tools are really meant to streamline the entire wedding process and we couldn’t have done this without making it really easy to collaborate!

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