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How to Create your Event Schedule

Every Ceremony event includes a schedule with unlimited schedule items. It’s is a great way to keep all of your guests on the same page with times, dates and directions. Schedule items can include details for your wedding showers, bachelor / bachelorette party, wedding rehearsals, family photos, the ceremony and reception, etc.


Here’s how to add / edit schedule items:

1. Open your schedule. The Schedule lives in your Event Menu.

2. Tap the Add Schedule Item button to add a new schedule item.

3. Schedule items contain two types of information:


  • Details include title, venue name, address, start and end times. Every schedule item must include a title and start time. All other details are optional.

  • Optional links can be anything with a URL. For example: a link to your wedding website, a venue website, an RSVP service, etc.


Only users who create an event, and guests set to admin, can add and edit schedule items. All other guests can view your schedule.


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