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How to Upgrade to Ceremony Pro

In order to customize your event code and access every photo in high resolution, you'll need to upgrade to Ceremony Pro ($4.99 in app purchase). Here's a breakdown of what you get.

Custom codes:

Once you go Pro ($4.99), you'll be able to customize codes for every event you create, forever! By default, your event code is a 6-digit, alphanumeric code—something like J5DHE4 (it's not too sexy). Luckily, you can customize your code to something more memorable, like JONESWEDDING or BESTDAYEVER.

Hi-res photos and videos:

By upgrading to Pro once ($4.99), you'll be able to download hi-res photos and videos for every event you create or join. If you want to treat your guests to the same high resolution experience, you can upgrade everyone for $19.99 per event. 

Here’s how to upgrade:

1. Create a new event in Ceremony.




















2. Next, tap Upgrade.


























3. After upgrading, choose a code containing between 6 and 20 letters and numbers. Codes cannot include spaces or special characters.






























4. Share you code with guests and get the party started! 

If you have any questions, shoot us a note at


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