The Ceremony app is a MUST for any event. My husband and I used it for our recent wedding and love it! It is so easy to use and the perfect way to see all of the images from our family and friends on our special day. I am recommending to everyone!

 – Erinwhite97

How did I get married without this?!

I am seriously considering having a repeat wedding so I can use Ceremony. I HATED having to ask my guests to post pictures on Facebook and Instagram and use cheesy 'wedding hashtag' but wanted to see our wedding through the eyes of our guests! I've used this app for small dinner parties and larger house parties too. It's SO easy and user friendly. I'm hooked!

–  JamieKStarnes

Photo mom

What a great idea and excellent execution, I love this app! Everyone's photos uploaded in real time and it's private?! Brilliant. And the prints are gorgeous, they look like they were taken with a real camera. Wow.

– Bornondec8

Good for any event

I have been wanting a way for people to share photos during an event for a long time. I haven't seen any other solution that is this seamless and easy to get started. Choose the event and start taking pictures. It's that easy.

– timmoses

Simple. Elegant. Great.

Having had family events with multiple generations attending, it’s always hard to get everyone to share the photos they took. After we got everyone using the app with our ‘code’, everything just fell in place. Probably great for weddings, but I’d say it’s great for any event.

– tylercushing