Our Semi-Rustic DIY Seating Chart

We love a good seating chart. And if you're looking for an easy way to trim your budget, try our low-cost semi-rustic DIY wine tag version. Why semi-rustic? Because with some gold paint and/or sparkly wine charms, you can dress up this wooden frame and chicken wire as much as you like. We think it's the perfect balance—ideal for elegant barnyard or garden chic receptions. Plus, drink tags are always a great idea. 

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Here's how we did it:

1. Source (or construct) the frame.

Any old frame will work, but if you can't snag a free one, build one to your liking or buy a cheap, ready-made frame from any craft store, and locate some chicken wire. Staple the chicken wire to the back of the frame, slap on some paint (we used a sample jar: $3), and voilà—you've got the base for your chart. 


2. Transfer the type. 

Unless you're a calligrapher or have some decent lettering skills, you might want to use the old pencil transfer method. That's what we did.

  • Print out your messaging in a type you like (note: we recommend using a free one or paying the pocket change for rights).
  • Next, rub the back of the paper with a pencil.
  • Place the paper on the frame and start tracing.
  • Fill in the letters with the paint of your choice. We chose Liquid Leaf ($5 for .75 fl oz). 


3. Buy the charms. 

We found these simple 30mm silver hoops on Amazon for a ridiculously low price: 100 for $2.88.



4. Buy the tags.

We loved these delicate eyelet labels from Recollections, and got 50 for $3.99.


5.  Grab a good paint pen and start labeling. 

We like the Sakura Pen-Touch pens in fine point. They usually sell for $5 or less.


6. Hang those beauties! 

Not only have you saved a few bucks, you've created an eye-catching accessory, and provided your guests with a practical keepsake. 

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