How to customize your event code

Every Ceremony event has a private code which you and your guests will use to join your event in the app. By default, your event code is a 6-digit, alphanumeric code, something like J5DHE4, it's not too sexy. Luckily, you can customize your code to something more memorable, like SMITHWEDDING. Here's how:

In order to customize your event code, you'll need to upgrade to Ceremony Pro ($4.99 in app purchase). Once you go Pro, you'll be able to customize codes for every event you create, forever! You'll also be able to download hi-res photos and videos for every event you join.

Here's how to upgrade and customize your code:

  1. Create a new event in Ceremony.
  2. If you haven't upgraded to Ceremony Pro, you'll see an upgrade button (see below)
  3. After upgrading, choose a code containing between 6 and 20 letters and numbers. Codes cannot include sp aces or special characters like commas and periods. 

Share you code with guests and get the party started! If you have any questions, shoot us a note at