How to order prints from Ceremony

The wait is finally over!

Our #1 requested Ceremony feature (by far!) launched this week. You can now order professional-quality prints, canvases, framed prints and much more, right from Ceremony.

What took us so long, you ask? Great question. We spent the last nine months working closely with a handful of potential print partners. There are plenty of amazing labs capable of printing beautiful, hi-res photos from wedding photographers with stunning results. But we have a slightly different need. Ceremony photos are predominately taken with smart phones. While some phones produce brilliant, hi-res images (like the iPhone 7+), others take dark, grainy photos. When choosing a print partner, we needed someone who was excited to print all of our users’ photos, not just those with the best devices.

After some serious product testing, and a room full of print samples, we landed on a partner. And it was definitely worth the wait. We’re working with a company owned by Canon. They run a global network of professional print facilities and offer a wide range of photo products. I’m not saying that every bride and groom wants their Ceremony photos printed on a canvas pillow or iPhone case, but now it’s possible! 

Ready to jump in?

Ordering prints is quick and easy. Here’s how it’s done: