Remind your guests to use Ceremony with these beautiful (and free!) cards.

Let’s face it, you know your guests are itching to take tons of photos and videos at your event. That's what makes Ceremony so great—it's easy, private, and free! But how do get them to use it?

That part can be tough (especially after that second round of pomegranate mojitos). Hmmmm…how to get them to use it? Beg? An announcement during the ceremony? “With this ring, I will ask everyone to please take out their phones…”

Nah. You just need Ceremony’s gorgeous app cards!

App cards are small folding cards to remind your guests how to join your Ceremony event. Hand them out individually. Place them at dinner tables. Or stack them at other high-traffic areas like next to the guest book, at the coat check station, or on the gift table. 

Each card comes on a letter-sized PDF file which can be printed on any home printer. Just choose the one you want, print and trim them, and add your event code.

Here are the app card designs:

STEP 1 Choose your favorite template and download the PDF.

STEP 2 Load your printer with some nice 8.5 x 11” card stock.

STEP 3 Print enough cards for each table, plus a few extras.

STEP 4 Write your event code on each card with a sharpie, ink pen, marker, etc. You can also type your code before printing using Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.

STEP 5 Trim and fold your cards — trim and fold marks are included in each template. For a perfect cut, we recommend using X-acto blades and a ruler.

That’s it!

Just choose a template, print, trim and add your code. Have questions or suggestions for additional event card designs? Shoot us a note at

Want to inspire legions of fellow Ceremony users? Tweet your best event card photo to @ceremonyapp and we’ll feature them on Instagram and Facebook!