How to invite guests to your Ceremony event.

You’ve installed the app and added a few photos to get your feed started, now it’s time to invite your guests! There are two ways to invite guests to your Ceremony event; you can invite guests from the app itself, or by sharing your private event code by email, social networks, text or on your wedding blog. Let’s walk through both options.

1. Send invitations from Ceremony

Inviting guests from the app is a great option if you have everyone’s email address in your phone’s contact list. Before we walk though the process, be sure to allow Ceremony to access your contacts when requested. This will save you the hassle of manually entering every guests’ email address.

Step 1: Open your Ceremony event.

Step 2: Open your Event Settings screen by tapping the Event Settings button in the bottom menu bar.

Step 3: Tap the Invite Guests button.

Step 4: Add guests by manually entering email addresses or by choosing names from your contact list.

Step 5: Tap the Send Invites button and you’re done!

2. Invite guests by sharing your private event code.

Every Ceremony event has a unique event code. When creating an event, Ceremony Pro users have the option to customize their code to something more memorable and/or personal than the default, six-digit code.

Anyone with your event code can join your Ceremony event, so sharing the code is an easy way to invite multiple guests at once. Ceremony users have shared their codes in countless ways, here are the five most common:

  1. Include your Ceremony code on your wedding invitation.
  2. Include your Ceremony code and a link to the App Store when emailing your guests.
  3. Include your Ceremony code, a link to the App Store and some brief instructions on your wedding blog or website.
  4. Display your Ceremony event code at the entrance to your reception, by the guest book or on each table. Check out our beautiful (and free!) templates for table top event code cards.
  5. Post your Ceremony code and App Store links on your social networks.